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Page last updated on March 27, 2019 at 2:41 pm

Does the City handle any complaints a tenant may have against a landlord, or vice versa?

If the complaints involve rental housing quality or safety issues that are covered by the Bloomington Municipal Code (for example, improper or ineffective heating or electrical service) and if the property is in the City limits, the complaints may be filed with the HAND Department at City Hall, or by calling 812-349-3420. The City Legal Department cannot advise individuals on legal matters. Our only client is the City of Bloomington. If you have questions about landlord/tenant rights (for example, how to terminate a lease, or how to evict a tenant), you should consult the terms of your lease, a private attorney of your choice, or if you qualify, Student Legal Services at 812-855-7867 or the Legal Services Organization at 812-339-7668.  In addition, the Community Justice & Mediation Center at 812-336-8677 is one of several local resources offering mediation services.