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Page last updated on February 9, 2023 at 10:26 am

Trash and Recycling Violations

Accumulated trash is unsanitary and attracts rats and other animals. Properties with accumulations of trash or scattered litter or debris may be issued a Notice of Violation with fines of up to $150.

The City of Bloomington Sanitation Division issues one solid waste cart and one recycling cart per household.  If you have large items or appliances to dispose of, you must schedule a pick-up appointment with Sanitation. Learn more about trash and recycling pick-up, including what Sanitation crews can and cannot collect.

Yard & Sidewalk Maintenance Violations

Overgrowth in your yard cannot exceed a height of 8"

Under the Bloomington Municipal Code, property owners must remove snow and ice from their sidewalk within 24 hours following the accumulation of snow or ice.