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Local Parks and Recreation Professional Named to State Association Office

[Becky Barrick-Higgins|image:25364,right]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
January 23, 2016

For more information, please contact:
Becky Barrick-Higgins, President, Indiana Park and Recreation Association, 812.349.3715 or [|]

Lisa Nye, Executive Director, Indiana Park and Recreation Association, 317.573.4035 or [|mailto:]

Bloomington, Ind. - Becky Barrick-Higgins, Community Events Manager for the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, was elected to the position of 2016 President of the Indiana Park and Recreation Association (IPRA), an organization representing more than 900 parks and recreation professionals throughout Indiana. Barrick-Higgins was sworn in as president at the IPRA annual conference held in Bloomington Jan. 16-19.

"I was excited," Barrick-Higgins said. "I feel it is an honor and a privilege to be chosen and to serve during 2016, since it's the centennial year of the organization."

Barrick-Higgins has worked for the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department for nearly 18 years, and has collaborated with a variety of local agencies to plan and hold community events including concerts, parades, and the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market. Barrick-Higgins also oversees Bloomington Parks and Recreation's successful community gardening program.

"Becky is a leader, but is a uniter," IPRA Executive Director Lisa Nye said. "She is really good at bringing people together for a common cause. She knows what needs to be done, is always organized, and always gets there."

Barrick-Higgins' previous experience in planning local programs will assist IPRA in promoting networking and other services to Indiana parks and recreation departments. She chaired the planning committee for last week's IPRA conference, and will have a major role in planning the 2017 conference.

Although the bulk of her work efforts occur behind the scenes, Barrick-Higgins said she loves seeing community members taking part in events and programs she has created.

"My favorite part of an event is the beginning, when you are still finishing setup, and you look up and all the people come," Barrick-Higgins said.

"I work so others can play," she added.