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Tamara Roberts, City of Bloomington Utilities Pretreatment Coordinator, 812-349-3946,

CBU Embarks on Residential FOG Education Outreach Program

Bloomington, Ind. — There is FOG in the sewers, but it’s not the mist that fills the air. In sewer terms, “FOG” stands for fats, oils and grease. FOG clogs sewer systems and creates a harmful threat to public health and the environment.

After-meal clean up results in FOG being washed down the drain where it cools and separates from the dishwater. It builds up on pipe walls, restricting the flow of wastewater exiting our home’s plumbing, similar to the way eating fatty foods can lead to clogged arteries. Over time, FOG leads to blockages that result in sewer overflows into homes, onto streets, and over the watershed. FOG can also interfere with sewage treatment processes at wastewater treatment plants, which adds to the operating costs for the Utilities Department and may contribute to increases in sewer rates.

Keeping drains fat-free is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Can the Grease - Pour used cooking oil and grease into an empty, heat-safe container, such as a soup can, and store it in the freezer. Once solidified, seal the can, and toss it into the garbage. Never pour oil or grease down the drain.

2. Scrape Your Plate - Wipe all pots, pans, dishes, and cooking utensils with a paper towel prior to washing to absorb the grease. A nylon pan scraper works well to remove grease and food wastes.

3. Catch the Scraps - Eliminate using the garbage disposal. Catch food scraps in your sink with a basket or strainer and toss them into the trash or compost bin

City of Bloomington Utilities has a kit available to help you keep your drains clear and has distributed kits in several neighborhoods. For a free kit, stop by the CBU office at 600 E Miller Dr., Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The kit contains a can lid, a nylon scraper, and more FOG info.

Want to read more about FOG? Check out the CBU website at or find CBU on Facebook: City of Bloomington Utilities.