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Joanna Sparks, City Landscaper, Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, 812.349.3497 or

Pesticide Application Will Temporarily Close B-Line Trail Near City Hall July 25

Bloomington, Ind. - Traffic along a portion of the B-Line Trail between the Bloomington Banquet sculpture and Seventh Street will be temporarily re-routed through the City Hall employee parking lot on Tuesday to allow for a chemical application to remove vegetation in the permeable pavers on the B-Line Trail’s Farmers’ Market Plaza.

According to city landscaper Joanna Sparks, Parks and Recreation Department maintenance crews will close the B-Line Trail between the Bloomington Banquet sculpture and Seventh Street at 8 a.m. July 25. Staff will use the pesticide GlyStar Plus, containing 41% glyphosate, to treat vegetation growing through the brick pavers on the Farmers’ Market Plaza.

B-Line Trail users will have access around the treatment area via the city employee parking lot south of City Hall. The Farmers’ Market Plaza and surrounding B-Line Trail will be closed until noon to allow the pesticide to dry completely. Once dried, the chemical poses no danger to humans or pets.

Sparks said mechanical or hand removal of the weeds growing up between the paver bricks is not possible. The plants’ roots grow under the bricks, so if staff attempts to remove the weeds by hand, the tops come off and the roots re-sprout within days. Untreated, the vegetation could potentially cause a tripping hazard, or dislodge the brick pavers.

Application of the pesticide is weather dependent. If weather conditions are not favorable for a safe and effective treatment, the application will be postponed.