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Vic Kelson,, 812-349-3650

Stormwater Inlet Accident Report

Bloomington, Ind. - Following a thorough investigation, City of Bloomington Utilities Director Vic Kelson has issued a report detailing the actions that lead to a 7-year-old boy falling into an open stormwater inlet on October 9. The incident took place in the 2600 block of South Madison Street near the B-Line Trail. Fortunately, the child was not seriously injured in the incident.

The stormwater inlet was constructed by an outside contractor in 2014 and did not pass City construction standards upon completion. Despite failing a post-construction inspection, the deficiencies were not addressed, allowing the inlet cover eventually to be displaced either by vandalism or vehicle traffic.

The potentially dangerous open stormwater inlet was first reported by an area resident via the City’s uReport online reporting system on the evening of Sunday, October 8, and City offices were closed on Monday, October 9. The uReport system is not intended for reporting imminent threats to public safety that require immediate attention.  Reporters were only offered the option of contacting the 911 emergency system in a situation such as this, but an additional message urging residents to call City Control at 812-339-1444 if a potentially dangerous situation is encountered has been added to the uReport system.

Kelson said, “The deficiencies have been repaired and we are grateful that the child involved in the accident wasn’t seriously injured.  We also want to thank the resident who brought this to our attention.  The safety and well being of CBU customers, residents and visitors is our top priority.”