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Beverly Calender-Anderson, Director, Community and Family Resources Department, 812-349-3560

City Launches Endorsement Program for Bicentennial Projects

Bloomington, Ind. -  As the bicentennial for the City of Bloomington and Monroe County approaches, the Bloomington Bicentennial Committee encourages community organizations, agencies, and local businesses to honor and participate through an endorsement program. The Bloomington Bicentennial Committee will support projects, events and programs that express creativity and pride within the community.

Qualifying projects must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be culturally inclusive

  • Create a legacy for the future

  • Inspire and/or engage the community

  • Celebrate the founding of the City or County.

Endorsed programs will be listed on the 2018 Bicentennial website and will be given permission to use the official 2018 Bloomington and Monroe County bicentennial logo, in accordance with guidelines. Approved projects also will receive a letter of endorsement from the Bloomington and Monroe County Bicentennial Committees and a yard sign to post when the project or program takes place.

"Partnerships are basic to so many successful endeavors here in Bloomington. While our Bicentennial Committee has come up with some exciting ways to celebrate this milestone, we are looking forward to residents and organizations coming up with their own ideas that we can help promote through this endorsement program. Bloomington is a diverse, unusual place and our bicentennial celebrations should reflect that beautiful diversity,” said Mayor John Hamilton. "We want to encourage and support everyone excited to celebrate our City and County’s bicentennial.”

A complete list of guidelines, the endorsement application, and more information is available online at