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Barbara E. McKinney
Bloomington Human Rights Commission


2018 Human Rights Award Winner Announced

Bloomington, Ind. – The Bloomington Human Rights Commission (BHRC) has chosen Bloomington PRIDE as the recipient of its 2018 Human Rights Award. The award is intended to recognize individuals or groups that have made specific and significant contributions to improving civil rights, human relations or civility in our community.

Bloomington PRIDE’s mission is to serve LGBTQ+ people of Bloomington and South Central Indiana through advocacy, safe and inclusive spaces, arts and culture events and educational programming.

PRIDE is perhaps best known for hosting two annual events, the PRIDE Film Festival in January and the annual summer Pridefest. The film festival, which began in 2003, explores a variety of issues and situations involving the LGBTQ+ community through films, live performances, lectures and public participation events. The 2018 PRIDE Film Festival featured 34 films, many with a focus on stories of LGBTQ+ people of color and religious and ethnic minorities.

PRIDE has three distinct programs that are perhaps less well known: the Prism Youth Community, the LGBT Aging & Caring Network and the Trans and Allies Support Community.  Prism helps create a safe and welcoming environment for its members, ages 12 to 20, and assists members in developing leadership skills. The group has advocated successfully for education, outreach and anti-bullying programs in the Monroe County Community School System. The Aging & Caring Network provides support, plans social activities and creates educational opportunities for the aging LGBT population.  Finally, the Trans and Allies Support Community provides support to transgender and non-binary gender diverse people through advocacy and social connection.

On February 19, Bloomington PRIDE will launch its monthly Community Workshop Series, which will address three rotating topics impacting the LGBTQ+ community: race and racism, homelessness and spirituality.

Byron Bangert, the chair of the BHRC, will present the 2018 Human Rights Award to representatives of Bloomington PRIDE during the February 21 Bloomington Common Council meeting.