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Mark Marotz, Operations Superintendent, Parks and Recreation Department, 812.327.6119 or

Parks and Recreation Department Buys Electric Utility Vehicle for Trail Maintenance

Bloomington, Ind.-Mayor John Hamilton and Parks and Recreation Department Operations Superintendent Mark Marotz took a test drive down the B-Line Trail this week in a new vehicle that is so quiet, trail users won't even know it's there.

Department staff will use the new Electro Bubble Buddy utility vehicle on the B-Line Trail, Bloomington Rail Trail, and Clear Creek Trail for daily maintenance and inspections. The vehicle has an enclosed cab for comfort and safety in varying weather conditions, and has a flatbed to carry maintenance equipment, full trash bags from waste receptacles, and supplies for cleaning graffiti and restroom facilities.

“Environmental improvements can take many forms, some larger than others, but together they make Bloomington greener and more sustainable,” Mayor Hamilton commented. “With the added protection from the elements this vehicle offers, trail maintenance can continue year-round. Reducing carbon emissions on the trail while improving the trail user experience makes this new vehicle a win-win.”

"This electric vehicle will save up to 20 gallons of fuel per week," Marotz said, comparing the new vehicle's zero fuel consumption to the John Deere Gator utility vehicle it replaced. "Trail users who are sitting down enjoying lunch, or just walking by, will have a more peaceful experience, and our maintenance staff, when they arrive for their morning shifts, can unplug the vehicle and get right to work on the trail."

The fully electric vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 mph and is street legal if an occasion arises where it needs to be driven off the trail. It can go up to 50 miles on a charge, and Marotz estimates it will travel between 15 and 20 miles daily along city trails.

The vehicle was purchased from Moto Electric Vehicles in Atlantic Beach, Fla. for $15,800. Department staff began using the vehicle for trail inspections and maintenance March 20.

For more information about the electric utility vehicle, or the B-Line, Clear Creek or Bloomington Rail Trails, contact Bloomington Parks and Recreation at 812.349.3700.