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Vickie Provine
Program Manager
Housing and Neighborhood Development Department

City of Bloomington Announces Blooming Neighborhood Celebration

Bloomington, In. – The Blooming Neighborhood Celebration will take place on Saturday, June 2, from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market, 401 N. Morton St.  

It’s the 18th year that Bloomington neighborhoods have gathered together to celebrate the hard work and camaraderie that have allowed them to thrive. This year’s festivities take their cue from the 50th anniversary of the public television program “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” and celebrate Bloomington’s own bicentennial milestone with this year’s theme, “It’s a Beautiful Day in Bloomington’s Neighborhoods.”  WTIU and the City of Bloomington’s Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND) Department will partner for activities that encourage residents of different neighborhoods to get to know one another while showcasing what makes their Bloomington neighborhood special, including the following:

  • Reserve a table where your neighborhood can tell its story, display pictures and memorabilia, and share the list of projects, activities and programs your neighborhood has completed with HAND neighborhood grants.

  • Make a memory of the day by taking your picture at WTIU’s photo booth or with giant cut-outs of Mr. Rogers mainstays Neighborhood Trolley and Daniel Tiger.

  • Pick up your Mister Rogers ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in Bloomington’s Neighborhoods” button!

  • Take home an updated copy of “My Neighborhood Pot Luck Idea!” --  a collection of recipes written by Bloomington residents that include the ingredients essential to making a neighborhood project work.  

  • Sign up for “THE HAND UPDATE” and enter to win a Mister Rogers Neighborhood Trolley  (a 100% hardwood replica of the iconic trolley from the show)

To reserve a table for your neighborhood at the June 2 celebration, to submit your neighborhood potluck recipe, or to request a list of your neighborhood’s HAND grants, please contact Vickie Provine at or 812-349-3505.