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Vic Kelson
City of Bloomington Utilities Director

City of Bloomington Utilities Testing Operations on Southside This Week

Bloomington, Ind. - As part of the construction of Monroe County’s Fullerton Pike road project, one of the two 36-inch water transmission mains that bring water from the Monroe Water Treatment Plant into Bloomington will be taken out of service for two to four weeks, starting at 6 p.m. this evening, October 29. The City of Bloomington Utilities (CBU) will be testing operational changes over the following two days to ensure reliable service before the actual construction work proceeds.

The main will be excavated and lowered to accommodate the change in road elevation at the intersection of Walnut Street Pike and Rhorer Road. While this water main is out of commission, the City’s second transmission main and Southeast Booster Station will deliver water to customers in the City of Bloomington and Monroe County.

“We have been working in tandem with the County to make sure our customers’ water service will not be interrupted during the pipe relocation,” said CBU Director Vic Kelson. “We are running operational tests before construction starts to ensure that Bloomington residents’ expectations of safe, high-quality water service continue to be met.”

Changing flow patterns should not cause customers to lose water service, but may cause water main breaks, pressure changes, or discolored water, particularly in the Peppergrass neighborhood. For customers experiencing discolored water, CBU recommends running the tap until the water clears. Questions and concerns about the project and other water quality issues may be addressed to the City of Bloomington Utilities at 812-339-1444.