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Page last updated on September 6, 2021 at 3:59 pm

For more information, please contact

Mike Diekhoff

Chief, Bloomington Police Department

(812) 339-4477


Jason Moore

Chief, Bloomington Fire Department 

(812) 349-3891


Beverly Calender-Anderson 

Director, Community and Family Resources Department

(812) 349-3560

Media Advisory: Fourth Annual Public Safety Report Tuesday February 4

Bloomington Fire and Police Chiefs, Community and Family Resources Director Present Fourth Annual Public Safety Report 

WHAT: Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton invites the press and the public to attend the fourth annual joint Public Safety Report to the Community. The event will feature presentations about the state of public safety in Bloomington and the City’s continual efforts and investments to increase it.

WHO: Mayor Hamilton will introduce Bloomington Police Chief Mike Diekhoff, Bloomington Fire Chief Jason Moore, and City of Bloomington Community and Family Resources Department Director Beverly Calender-Anderson. 

WHEN: Tuesday, February 4 at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Main meeting room, Bloomington Police Department (BPD) headquarters, 220 East Third Street.   

WHY: Mayor Hamilton introduced the annual Public Safety Report to the community in 2017 as part of a City-wide effort to establish greater transparency and accountability in government functions and services. For those unable to attend the presentation in person, the annual Public Safety Report will be streamed live on Facebook at the Office of the Mayor page and available shortly afterward at


Public Safety