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Lake Lemon Rail Trestle Repairs Completed Ahead of Schedule

Bloomington, Ind. - Dry conditions and plenty of heat combined to make it possible for work on the railroad trestle that spans Lake Lemon to finish ahead of schedule.  

Following the end of the summer boating season on September 5, the Lake Lemon Conservancy District opened the sluice gate to allow the water level to drop. Approximately two feet of drawdown was necessary to facilitate access to the Indiana Rail Road Co. owned trestle.  Repairs were expected to take 30 to 60 days, but were completed on Tuesday.

Adam Casey, District Manager for the Lake Lemon Conservancy District , thanked the Indiana Rail Road and the City of Bloomington Utilities for working with the LLCD to move the work until after the recreational season. 

The Shuffle Creek Trestle was built in 1906, prior to the existence of the lake, and continues to be an active rail route. At this time, the sluice gate will be closed and the lake allowed to return to normal pool.