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Paula McDevitt, Administrator, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, 812.349.3700 or

Griffy Lake Deer Herd Reduction Scheduled for Winter 2017-18

The City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department has contracted with a professional wildlife management company to use sharpshooting to remove up to 100 deer from Griffy Lake Nature Preserve this winter.

Studies of the vegetation at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve over the past several years indicate deer browse pressure at the preserve has caused a reduction in the size and number of individuals of many plant species. The Department made a decision, following considerable study and public comment, to reduce the number of deer enough to allow the plant life to recover. The deer reduction plan has been approved by the Board of Park Commissioners and the Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Professional sharpshooters will euthanize and remove deer over a period of several days, beginning on or around Dec. 15 and continuing until 100 deer are removed, or until Feb. 28, 2018. Deer removed from the Griffy Lake herd will be processed using grant funds from Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry, and Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry. The venison will be donated to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank.

Safety is the first priority of both the City of Bloomington and wildlife management firm White Buffalo, Inc. The intermittent closure of the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve between the hours of noon and 8 a.m. is necessary to ensure public safety. The park and its hiking trails remain open between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon daily. Trailheads and access points for the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve will be clearly signed to make property users aware of the temporary change to open hours for the park.

For more information about the Griffy Lake deer herd reduction efforts, or about periodic closures of Griffy Lake Nature Preserve, contact Paula McDevitt, Parks and Recreation Department Administrator, at 812.349.3700 or visit