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Page last updated on January 25, 2022 at 12:19 am

Click here to download and complete the form for financial assistance with garden plot rental fees.

The Bloomington Parks Foundation seeks and receives contributions from individuals, social groups, clubs, businesses, and service organizations to assist in providing financial aid for individuals to enable them to participate in the community gardening program.

Request financial assistance to rent a garden plot at any of the city's three community gardens:


Complete the financial aid application form (available with the link below), and return the form to:

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department
Bloomington Parks Foundation Scholarship Committee
401 N. Morton St. Ste. 250
Bloomington, IN  47404

Phone: (812) 349-3702

  1. Need is the primary criterion upon which financial aid is considered. Accepted participants are expected to pay their portion of the program fee at the time of registration. No full scholarships will be awarded.
  2. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is available on an as-needed basis.
  3. Bloomington Parks Foundation reserves the right to limit the amount of financial aid awarded to an individual, particularly if the demand for financial assistance is high.
  4. Approval of any application does not automatically register that person into the community gardening program. Registration is the responsibility of the individual requesting assistance. All payments must be received prior to registration deadlines. 
  5. Confidentiality: All information provided will only be used to determine the level of assistance awarded.