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Page last updated on February 19, 2024 at 9:13 am

About the Community Gardening Program

Community gardens are a place for all levels of gardener, from aspiring to master gardener. Join us and reap all of the benefits that community gardens offer. Access to delicious, nutritious, fresh food is just the beginning.

Gardeners ...

  • experience physical and mental health benefits
  • enjoy the sights and sounds of nature 
  • meet people with a shared interest 
  • carry out their own food culture 
  • engage children in experiential learning 
  • help their families develop healthy eating habits 
  • learn tips from gardening experts in our classes 
  • join us at community events 

The Bloomington Community Gardening program provides the infrastructure so that you can grow your own food, flowers, herbs and more.


We provide:

  • fencing to keep deer and other animals out of the garden
  • access to water
  • communal tools
  • composting
  • knowledgeable garden staff who are ready to help you
  • a monthly garden newsletter


Garden Plot Rental for 2024


2023 gardeners in good standing can register for the same plot they used in 2023 at the links below, from February 19-27, 2024. These sites are password protected during this time and can only be accessed by returning gardeners. All returning gardeners in good standing will receive the password in their email on February 19.


Butler Park Community Garden

Switchyard Park Community Garden

Willie Streeter Community Garden


Registration for gardeners wishing to switch plots, and all new gardeners, begins on March 4, 2023 at 10am.

The registration links will be made available to the public on this website on March 4. Garden plots are available to rent on a first come, first served basis throughout the season or until all plots are rented. Limit 1 plot per household.


Interested in Receiving Email Updates About 2024 Gardener Registration?

Sign up to receive email updates regarding garden plot rental opportunities for 2024. All 2023 gardeners in good standing are already signed up for email updates. This sign up form is for prospective gardeners.


Hours of Operation

Dawn to dusk, April through October.


The Community Gardening program offers garden plots based on varying accessibility needs. Raised beds are available at both the Willie Streeter and Butler Park locations, and raised beds that are wheelchair accessible are available at Switchyard Park. 


Sponsorships and Donations

The Community Gardening program benefits from generous donations from corporations, businesses, groups and individuals in the form of seeds, plants, tools, soil amendments and other supplies, which allow us to keep our gardening opportunities affordable to all. There are a number of opportunities to become a donor to or sponsor of the Community Gardening program. Sponsorships or donations are accepted throughout the year. For more information about making a sponsorship or donation to the City's community gardens, contact Sarah Mullin at 812.349.3704 or email