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Lower Cascades Pilot Road Conversion "Experience" Survey


Lower Cascades Pilot Road Conversion "Impact" Survey


The City of Bloomington launched a pilot project to convert Old State Road 37 North through Lower Cascades Park to a bicycle- and pedestrian-only trail on Friday, March 13, 2020. The pilot road closure period will take place through next spring, and the city will continue to gather feedback from park and trail users about their experiences in the park, and the impact of the pilot road closure.

A .6-mile segment of Old SR 37 North is closed to motor vehicle traffic during the six-month trial period. The road is converted to a bicyle- and pedestrian-only trail between the IMI quarry entrance and the Lower Cascades Park playground. Access to the parking lots at the Sycamore Shelter, at the intersection of Clubhouse Drive and Old SR 37 N, and at both the north and south ends of the playground will remain open.

The Waterfall Shelter is accessible only by bicycle or on foot. The drive-through creek crossing just south of the Waterfall Shelter is inaccessible by motor vehicle. Vehicles may park south of the playground; the closest walking route is across the road and over the footbridge to the Waterfall Shelter.

One of seven public amenity improvements being funded by Bicentennial Bonds issued in 2018, the pilot trail project is intended to expand and integrate with Bloomington's network of walking and biking trails; provide a safe, accessible destination for recreation and exercise; and to offer bicycle commuters additional options for safer routes.

This pilot road conversion project will allow all park users the chance to see what converting the road into a trail through the park will be like, and to explore the impacts of such a change.

Bloomington's Board of Public Works heard and approved the request from the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department to convert the road to a bicycle- and pedestrian-only trail on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at their regularly scheduled meeting.