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The 2020 Bloomington Climate Action Plan recommends strategies for the City of Bloomington and the community to prepare for and adapt to local climate change effects and to reduce carbon emissions. 

Implementation of the Climate Action Plan will be essential to meeting the community's commitment to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions from all sources and to prepare for climate change. 

Find the draft 2020 Bloomington Climate Action Plan chapters below: 

Download Chapters 1-9 of the draft plan

Download Chapter 10 - draft implementation recommendations (updated 11/20)

Your feedback is critical to the ongoing development of this draft plan! Please provide comments using the feedback form below or email

Based on comments received in November and December, the plan is in the process of being updated and the next version will be available in late January (Updated 01-11-21). 

11-10 Bloomington Commission on Sustainability Presentation Slides
11-17 Climate Action and Resilience Committee Presentation Slides