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This permit is required for the parking of any moving vehicle, dumpster, or moving pod.


(1) Any person may apply for a temporary moving parking permit by submitting an application to the parking services director or his or her designee.

(2) A separate permit shall be required for each parking space requested for any vehicle, dumpster, moving pod.

(3) Information required on an application shall include, but not be limited to:

   (A) The name and address of the individual, company, or organization requesting the permit;

   (B) The name, address, and telephone number of the individual financially responsible for the planned activities for which the permit is sought;

   (C) The address, site, or area for which the permit is requested;

   (D) A complete description of the planned activities;

   (E) The dates and hours for which the permit is sought; and

   (F) Any additional information requested by the parking services director.

(4) A permit issued under the authority of this section shall exempt permit holders from prohibitions listed in Bloomington Municipal Code Sections 15.32.070, and 15.48.010 and shall allow parking within the limited parking zones designated in Schedule N, the on-street metered parking zones designated in Schedule U, or the residential neighborhood permit parking zones designated in the Bloomington Municipal Code Chapter 15.37.

(7) The fee for a temporary parking permit shall be the greater of the hourly parking rate for each hour reserved by the permit or $20.00 per day per vehicle parking space for parking spaces reserved by the permit.

(8) An administrative fee of $10.00 per permit application shall be levied at the issuance of a permit to offset the cost of implementing, enforcing and administering the provisions of this section.

(9) The parking services director may deny an application for a permit or under this section upon a determination that:

   (A) The applicant has failed to supply any of the information required on an application or requested by the parking services director;

   (B) The applicant has provided false information or misrepresented a material fact in connection with an application;

   (C) The applicant has failed to pay the required permit fee; or

   (D) There is a conflict with prior applications or scheduled city activities, which have priority.

(10) The parking services director, or his or her designee, may revoke a permit issued under this section if:

   (A) The permittee fails to meet the qualifications required of an applicant;

   (B) The permittee violates any provision of this section or other ordinance of the city governing the activities facilitated by the permit; or

   (C) The permittee obtained the permit by fraud or misrepresentation.

(11) An applicant who applies for a permit under this section may appeal an adverse ruling by the parking services director, or his or her designee, to the city's board of public works. Any such appeal must be made in writing and must be filed with the board of public works no later than ten working days from the date of the adverse ruling.