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Page last updated on February 22, 2022 at 3:10 pm

The LMC is composed of 10 members, 5 union representatives and 5 management representatives. Local 2487 appoints 5 union representatives, and the Utilities Department's management appoints its 5 representatives. The Superintendent and one shop steward from each plant have permanent positions on the LMC. The By-laws allow for terms for other members to be agreed upon and arranged by the Executive Council.

Members of the LMC (last updated 2/22/22):



 - Blucher Poole

Tom Axsom
CBU Assistant Director - Operations

 - Dillman

Garrett Towell
Superintendent - Dillman

 - Dillman Lab

Joe Potts
Superintendent - Blucher Poole


Tim Myers
Maintenance Coordinator - Dillman


Robert Houshour
Maintenance Coordinator - Blucher Poole
Non-LMC staff includes:  

Nora Whaley
CBU Staff Assistant



For more information about the LMC, please contact either of the following:

Tom Axsom, CBU Assistant Director - Operations, (812) 349-3930
Nora Whaley, Staff Assistant, (812) 349-3911