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uReport is composed of a number of related tools, including:


Previously the City provided native mobile applications for reporting issues. (Apple Store, Android Store) We found it difficult to maintain these applications. We now promote the use of our responsive web-based application instead. Source code for these archived projects is available on github


GeoReporter is an Open311 constituent reporting tool. GeoReporter should work for any organizations with an Open311 GeoReport v2 compliant endpoint server.

GeoReporter connects to an organizations Open311 endpoint, reads its roster of constituent reports and makes them available to the constituent. Constituents can select the report they would like to submit, fill out the relevant information, take an optional photo and submit the report to be resolved. Constituents can also set up a profile to speed up contact information entry and review reports that have been submitted in the past.

Individuals or organizations interested in contributing to the code base or forking it for a city-specific app can find the code on GitHub.