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Page last updated on September 14, 2021 at 12:36 pm

Located in the heart of downtown, BEAD anchors Bloomington's arts, culture, and entertainment.

Explore the work of artists indoors and out at our galleries and public art spaces. Take in a show at our theaters and live music venues. Choose from more than 90 downtown dining options and 100 shopping opportunities. Stroll walking trails or picnic at one of our three parks. Make it a weekend at a downtown hotel or a lifetime in our downtown neighborhoods and residential communities.


The Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District seeks to bring the business and creative sectors together to advance commerce and culture, build community, spur sustainable economic development and to foster excellent quality of place


BEAD is a state-designated cultural district. It is a geographically defined, mixed-use cultural district capitalizing on local and regional assets that are specific to the cultural, economic and social issues of Bloomington. BEAD emphasizes the high concentration of creative assets and related activities to strengthen and enhance the overall economic development of the community.

BEAD provides a connective link to a variety of incentives, programs, and grants to benefit its major stakeholder groups and users: the community, visitors, the creative, cultural and entertainment sectors and small business.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan

GOAL NO. 1: Promote and support district-wide cultural planning and identity efforts. The BEAD is committed to planning and implementing diverse policies and programs that enhance and promote an equitable, culture-enriched community.

GOAL NO. 2: Amplify and support the development of sustainable services, processes, and collaborations that increase community engagement and promote growth in and around the BEAD.

GOAL NO. 3: Coordinate research and advocacy initiatives about the BEAD to provide data and analysis to arts and culture organizations, partners, patrons, constituents, and supporters.

BEAD Strategic Plan - Summary