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The CCA Awards are an annual tradition that honors the efforts of the extraordinary individuals and businesses who go above and beyond in the area of disability and accessibility. The ceremony, which is free and open to the public, recognizes individuals and groups in Bloomington who make our community a better place for people with disabilities.

For information about nominations or about the CCA, contact

  • Kristin Willison Volunteer Service Award:
    An outstanding volunteer in facilitating any kind of accessibility and/or in contributing time and help for people with disabilities.
  • Business Service Award:
    A business significantly employing people with disabilities or going beyond the minimum requirements in having accessible buildings, parking and/or services.
  • Professional and Community Service Award:
    A community organization or human services or other professional (physician, architect, lawyer, pastor, teacher, etc.) making extraordinary efforts on behalf of people with disabilities or their families in the areas of accessibility, transportation, employment, programs, services, or independent living.
  • Self Advocacy Award:
    A person with a disability who effectively uses resources to meet his or her needs, including education, employment, housing, healthcare, human services programs and transportation, and who strives toward independent living in the community and may lead others to do the same.
  • Housing Service Award:
    A landlord, realtor, or builder who has helped people with disabilities by improving housing to make it accessible or by offering, finding, or building accessible housing that is not segregated from the mainstream of life.
  • Mayor's Award:
    An outstanding individual or business/organization with a history of working to better the community for people with disabilities.