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Through a variety of boards and commissions, established by the City of Bloomington, residents can provide input on the policies that shape their government and their city. There are currently more than 45 boards and commissions that advise the Mayor and City Council on a vast array of issues.

To apply to a board, please click on any section below for more details about the board or commission. Those boards with current vacancies will show "(Vacancy)" next to the board name. You can also take a look at the application form here.

Each board and commission page provides a link to their meeting calendar.



City Boards and Commissions

Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission

The Commission recognizes that through preservation and design-conscious development, Bloomington's historic neighborhoods and buildings can continue to provide an affordable, sustainable, and genuine place to live, work, and visit. Furthermore, the Commission recognizes that the preservation or adaptive reuse of the City's historic building stock serves the needs of residents, business owners, and visitors by contributing to a growing, diverse, and vibrant local economy.

City Council and Council Standing Committees

Inactive Boards