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City of Bloomington, Indiana

The Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association provides the means to improve the economic, physical, and social environment for Zone residents and businesses.

The Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association (BUEA) contributes to economic development efforts in Bloomington's urban core. The Enterprise Zone operates in accordance with Indiana State Code and has created or retained hundreds of jobs and spurred millions of dollar in increased investment.

Indiana offers a variety of state tax benefits for Zone businesses, investors and residents. Per state code, businesses and investors who claim Zone-related tax benefits must remit a small portion of their savings to the BUEA, which in turn operates a variety of programs and services to further economic development within the zone. Since 2013, zone management has fallen under the auspices of the City of Bloomington's Department of Economic & Sustainable Development (ESD). Find out whether you are eligible to participate in these programs.


Enterprise Zone Maps

Incentives and Programs for Businesses

By contributing to economic growth in the area, businesses located within the Enterprise Zone are eligible for several state tax benefits. Businesses can also participate in a variety of programs to help with capital improvements and training. These include competitive facility improvement loans, historic facade preservation grants, and training and support for entrepreneurial activity.

Download the 2016 Enterprise Zone Investment Deductions form: EZ2 or the request for a time extension.

Beginning in 2017 all EZB-R forms must be filed here: For more information about the EZID program, download the How the EZID Program Works PDF.

Please remember that the EZ2 and the EZB-R must be filed every year of the deduction period in order to receive this deduction.

BUEA Incentives for Investors

Individuals and corporations may lower their state income tax liability by making investments in the Urban Enterprise Zone. These incentives apply to those purchasing an ownership interest in a Zone Business or making a Qualified Loan. Download the Enterprise Zone Loan Interest Tax Credit form.

Incentives for Residents

Residents who both live and work in the Urban Enterprise Zone are eligible for a variety of programs. Residents who live and work within the Zone are eligible for deduction from their state income taxes. Click here for the link to the Qualified Employee Deduction Certificate (IT-40QEC).

In addition, those who have lived in the Zone for at least 12 months may apply for a scholarship to attend college. The BUEA also supports schools serving Zone residents through the provision of Annual School Technology Grants.

Zone Arts Grant Program

Offered in partnership with the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District, (BEAD), the Zone Arts Grant Program is designed to help support arts activities within the boundaries of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone.

Citizens, artists, teams of artists, local businesses, and non-profit organizations (including neighborhood groups) are eligible to apply for project support that will do one or more of the following for residents and businesses within the Urban Enterprise Zone: facilitate involvement in arts and cultural activities; provide an opportunity to participate in the creative process; advance the quality and availability of the arts in the Zone; or celebrate or enhance the identity of the Zone. Exhibits, concerts, performances, festivals, art markets, art space development and public art (including murals) are all examples of the types of projects eligible for funding through the BUEA and BEAD Zone Arts Grant program.

Download the grant program guidelines and the grant program application.

Grant deadline is August 15, 2017

For more information, contact Brian Payne at or (812) 349-3419.

Historic Facade Preservation Grants

Annually, the BUEA allocates a limited dollar amount to provide funding to businesses to rehabilitate and preserve historic facades in the Urban Enterprise Zone. Grants are awarded by the BUEA Board of Directors in an amount not to exceed $10,000. Commercial and industrial properties are eligible for the grant which may be used only for the costs associated with actual and approved façade rehabilitation and other costs relating to the requirement of various building codes.

Businesses wishing to apply for an historic preservation grant should call the BUEA at (812) 349-3805 or download the application. After completion, applications must be submitted to the BUEA staff for review along with renderings of the proposed facade renovations. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the historic preservation program manager of the City of Bloomington's Housing and Neighborhood Development Department regarding the proposed renovations. At a regularly scheduled meeting, the BUEA staff will submit the application to the Board of Directors with a recommendation for approval or denial. If approved, funding is awarded upon the completion of approved work and inspection by BUEA staff.

BUEA Contact Info:

Phone: (812) 349-3419 
Fax: (812) 349-3520

Special Projects

Each year, the BUEA funds several projects for zoned schools, businesses and residents. Those projects include beautification, scholarships to attend Bradford Woods, equipment for schools including electronic and audiovisual materials, and numerous projects along the B-Line Trail.