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Zone Arts Grant Program

  • Offered in partnership with the Bloomington Entertainment and Arts District, (BEAD), the Zone Arts Grant Program is designed to help support arts activities within the boundaries of the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone.
  • Citizens, artists, teams of artists, local businesses, and non-profit organizations (including neighborhood groups) are eligible to apply for project support
  • Projects must do one or more of the following for residents and businesses within the Urban Enterprise Zone: 


                                                                           -facilitate involvement in arts and cultural activities; 

                                                                           -provide an opportunity to participate in the creative process; 

                                                                           -advance the quality and availability of the arts in the Zone; or 

                                                                           -celebrate or enhance the identity of the Zone. 


  • Exhibits, concerts, performances, festivals, art markets, art space development and public art (including murals) are all examples of the types of projects eligible for funding through the BUEA and BEAD Zone Arts Grant program.


*Please note we are in the process of updating the guidelines and application. We are happy to answer any questions at (812) 349-3419 or*