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Page last updated on April 27, 2022 at 10:11 am

The Mill Day Pass Program

For residents who live in the Zone. Up to 1 day pass per month through 12-31-21 to work at the Mill—Bloomington's center for coworking and entrepreneurship, located at 642 N. Madison St. (Just north of City Hall and across from Upland Brewing).  Register for the program here.


Anti-racism / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion business scholarship

Scholarships of up to $1,000 for Zone businesses who wish to self-assess and improve business practices relating to anti-racism or diversity, equity, and inclusion. Max grant amounts who partner with other zone businesses or nonprofits for their training will increase to $1,250 for each Zone businesses. For example, if three  Zone businesses train together, they would be eligible for a max funding amount of $3,750.  Please email with questions. Register here. Funding awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


Historic Facade Preservation Grants

Grants of up to $10,000 with 100% matching required

BUEA allocates a limited annual pool of funding to businesses to rehabilitate and preserve historic facades in the Urban Enterprise Zone.  Grants are designed to protect and enhance Bloomington's historic character by preserving and rehabilitating its historic downtown environment and maintaining structurally sound places of business.

Grants are awarded in an amount no greater than $10,000, and require the applicant to match at least 100% of the grant award. 

I.E. an applicant would require a $20,000 total facade rehabilitation project cost to be eligible for the full $10,000.

  • Commercial, non-profit, and industrial properties are eligible for the grant, 
  • Grant may only be used for the costs associated with actual and approved façade rehabilitation and other costs relating to the requirement of various building codes.
  • Grants are awarded on a rolling basis until annual funds are exhausted.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Gloria Colom Braña, the historic preservation program manager of the City of Bloomington's Housing and Neighborhood Development Department regarding proposed renovations and application preparation. She can be reached at 812-349-3507 or  Guidelines are available here.


Business Economic Enhancement Scholarships

Scholarships of up to $1,200 for professional development opportunities to further the economic stability of the business/organization which has operated within the Zone for at least 12 months.

  • Applicants must be a business or non-profit within the Zone that has operated for at least 12 months
  • Funds are awarded on a rolling, first-come first-serve basis until exhausted each year up to a lifetime maximum of $1200.00 per business.
  • Scholarship may be used to pay for economic development classes, business workshops, professional organization membership dues, or conference registration fees for the business owner or any employee of the business.
  • Applications must be received at least one month prior to the start of the class(es) or activity being paid for with the scholarship.





Tax Incentives

Tax incentives are among the most immediate and powerful economic development incentives offered by the BUEA. Urban Enterprise Zones are intended to encourage development and economic growth in neighborhoods through tax and regulatory relief to entrepreneurs and investors who launch businesses in the area. The following describes the tax incentives for involvement, which serve as recruitment tools for the EZs:


Enterprise Zone Investment Deduction


Real Property Tax Investment Deduction:

The Enterprise Zone Investment Deduction is available to businesses within the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone that make investments in real property and outside of the TIF district for businesses who make real property investments. Each EZID has a life of 10 years as described in Indiana Code (IC) 5-28-15 and IC Title 6. Tax benefits for employers participating in the Enterprise Zone program include: 


Personal Property Tax Investment Deduction:

The EZID personal property tax deduction reduces the increase in assessed value of a business’s tangible personal property investment within the enterprise zone. The deduction may be declared for up to ten years. Qualified investments at an EZ location include:

  • The purchase of new manufacturing or production equipment;
  • costs associated with the repair, rehabilitation, or modernization of an existing building and related improvements; 
  • onsite infrastructure improvements; and 
  • costs associated with retooling existing machinery.


How the EZID Works

Participation in the EZID programs requires annual filing of the forms listed below, and annual payment of the participation fees—a percentage of the tax savings, which supports administration of the program on state and local levels, as well as all local programming.

To receive the benefit:

  1. Email to inquire about your investment.
  2. Register your investment with the BUEA by filing an EZB-R form by June 1 the first year of your increase in assessed value and for each year you wish to claim the benefit.
  3. Report your investments by filing the EZ-2 between March 1 and May 15 annually with the Monroe County Auditor’s.
  4.  Pay your participation fees annually after the registration year by paying the amount listed on your EZID invoice to the BUEA and the AIEZ (Association of Indiana Enterprise Zones).

City of Bloomington
Attn: Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association
401 N Morton St Suite 150
Bloomington, IN 47404


Tax Forms     

EZ-2  - Enterprise Zone Investment Deduction Application 

Schedule EZ - Enterprise Zone Schedule 1, 2, 3 & Instructions 


EZID Forms 

Form EZB-R - Enterprise Zone Registration 

EZB-R Instructions

Form EZB-E - Request Time Extension 


Employment Expenses Credit

A business may apply a credit to its gross income tax or adjusted gross income tax liability for wages paid to qualified employees. A “qualified employee” includes:

  • One who lives in the EZ;
  • works 50% of their time in the EZ; and
  • has at least 90% of their services directly relate to the employer’s facility in the EZ.

The annual credit is applied after all other Indiana credits against state income tax liability (either gross income tax or adjusted gross income tax). Credit earned that exceeds tax liability may be carried back or brought forward to other tax years.

To claim the employment expense credit, an employer must:

  1. Indicate the amount of credit for which they are eligible on Schedule EZ.
  2. File Schedule EZ with annual tax return.


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