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Page last updated on June 30, 2017 at 2:12 pm

Bond Purpose

The bond issue's purpose is twofold:

  • To support Quality of Life investments to further economic vitality.
  • To make possible the realization of community priorities that will otherwise go unfunded.

Bond revenues will empower city government to care for what we have, and propel our community into the next generation of Quality of Life and Economic Vitality amenities. The Council and Administration of the near future will have the means necessary to tend to the repair and rehab of many and varied community assets while simultaneously making new investment in long-standing priorities. And, at the direction of City Council, those priorities serve both community-wide interests as well as TIF District-specific needs.

Funded Categories

Generally speaking, the bond issue will serve five categories of projects:

  1. the promotion of community sustainability and reuse;
  2. the creation and improvement of public amenities, such as parks, with community-wide benefit;
  3. the development of affordable housing;
  4. the improvement of transportation infrastructure, especially non-automobile transportation infrastructure; and
  5. the continued support of the city's urban core.

Specific Priorities

Click here to view the Switchyard Park Master Plan


Greenways projects include:

  • sidewalk on 17th Street from Maple Street to Madison Street,
  • sidewalk on Kinser Pike from 17th Street to Brookdale Drive,
  • streetscape on South Rogers from Grimes Lane to Kirkwood Avenue,
  • bike lanes on College Avenue from Walnut Street to Second Street, and
  • bike lanes on West Third from Liberty Drive to Franklin Road.

Parks capital includes:

  • Crestmont Park playground replacement and lighting upgrade;
  • Building and Trades Park restroom renovation, addition of family restroom, turf & irrigation addition, and lot resurfacing and restriping;
  • Allison Jukebox rehab, electrical upgrade and restroom renovation;
  • RCA Park hiking and walking trail development;
  • Seminary Park benches, lighting, and other amenities;
  • Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park parking lot lighting upgrade to LED;
  • Farmers' Market waterline improvement;
  • B-Line Trail Second Street to Rogers Street lighting upgrade to LED;
  • Third Street Bridge repainting;
  • Grimes Lane Bridge sealing; and
  • Miller-Showers Park fitness trail surface overlay and lighting upgrade to LED.

Buskirk-Chumley R&R includes:

  • entrance accessibility improvements (including sidewalks, ramps, and retaining walls);
  • lighting equipment upgrade to LED;
  • HVAC controls replacement; and
  • professional-quality projector.

Public Safety infrastructure includes:

  • Second Street and Rolling Ridge traffic signal and bike-pedestrian path connection,
  • Second Street and College Avenue signal upgrade,
  • 17th and Kinser signal upgrade,
  • Third Street and Madison Street signal upgrade,
  • Third Street and Lincoln Street signal upgrade, and
  • Third Street and College Avenue signal upgrade.

Public Works projects include:

  • Parking Garage (all 3) concrete sealing;
  • Zone 7 sign replacement;
  • Animal Shelter incinerator rehab and kennel door replacement;
  • Sanitation truck undercarriage wash;
  • Sanitation facility exterior painting, roof sealing, and remodeling;
  • City Hall parking lot awning rehab and roof replacement; and
  • Bloomington Police Department roof replacement.

Sustainability measures include:

  • City Hall solar panels;
  • City Hall rain barrels;
  • Animal Shelter solar panels;
  • Waldron, Hill and Buskirk Park parking lot lighting upgrade to LED;
  • B-Line Trail Second Street to Rogers Street lighting upgrade to LED;
  • Buskirk-Chumley Theater lighting equipment upgrade to LED;
  • Miller-Showers Park lighting upgrade to LED;
  • Morton Garage lighting upgrade to LED; and
  • Seventh Street and Walnut Street Garage lighting upgrade to LED.