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TO AMEND ORDINANCE 05-21 WHICH FIXED THE SALARIES OF APPOINTED OFFICERS, NON-UNION AND A.F.S.C.M.E. EMPLOYEES FOR ALL THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE CITY OF BLOOMINGTON, MONROE COUNTY, INDIANA, FOR THE YEAR 2006 - Re: Positions in the Clerk’s Office, Common Council Office, Community and Family Resources, Engineering, Information and Technology Services, Public Works Administration, Sanitation, Utilities Engineering, Utilities Meter Services, and Utilities Transmission and Distribution

This ordinance amends the City of Bloomington Salary Ordinance for the year 2006 (Ordinance 05-21). The amendments change the grade of the Deputy Clerk (Clerk's Office), Health Projects Coordinator (Community and Family Resources), City Engineer (Engineering), Utilities Engineer (Utilities Engineering), and Assistant Superintendent (Utilities Meter Services and Transmission & Distribution). They also change the grade and title of the Assistant (Clerk's Office), Assistant Administrator (Council), on of the two Project Manager positions (Engineering), the Sr. Systems Analyst & Project Manager (Information Techonology Services), the Citizen Services Coordinator (Public Works), and the Assistant Engineer (Utilities Engineering). Additionally, Public Works would like to delete a Secretary position and replace it with an Office Manager in Sanitation.

Amends CodeNo
Committee 2006-09-06 9-0
Final 2006-09-13 Passed 9-0