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TO AMEND TITLE 15 OF THE BLOOMINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE ENTITLED ''VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC'' Re: Amending Chapters 15.12.010 (Stop intersections); 15.24.010 (Increased or decreased speed limits); and 15.40.10 (Locations) to change "Trades Street" and "Trades St." to "Maker Way;" 12.32.080 (No parking zones) to add several no parking zones; 15.32.090 (Limited parking zones) to change a limited parking zone; and 15.32.100 (Loading zones) to add a loading zone; and 15.32.186 (Motorcycle Parking Restrictions) to add parking restrictions for motorcycles and mopeds; and 15.36.085 (Reserved Residential On-Street Parking Permits ) to add temporary visitor parking permit; and 15.40.019 to add garage parking space reserved for electric vehicles; and 15.40.010 (On-Street Metered Parking Locations and Maximum Hourly Rate) to add three locations; and 15.24.020 (Increased or decreased speed limits) to remove and add some locations; andlS.12.010 (Multi-Stop Intersections) to add and change some locations; and 15.12.030 (Signalized Intersections) to add one location; and 15.16.010 (One-Way Street) to remove one location.

This Ordinance amends Title 15, "Vehicles and Traffic," of the Bloomington Municipal Code and comes forth at the request of City staff and the Traffic Commission. The ordinance makes the following changes. • It changes all references to Trades Street or Trades St. to Maker Way. • It adds new no parking zones in several areas including the following: on Grant Street between 181h & 19th, on 18th Street between Grant and Lincoln, on 15th Street near Indiana, 1st on Howe St between Patterson St and Ronsen Street, 2nd on Smith Ave. between Rogers Street and Jackson Street, and on Washington Street between 19th and 20th. It also limits parking to one side of some streets in the Parking Zone 6 in areas that cannot support parking on both sides of the street. • It moves current limited parking zones on Rogers Street Between 10th Street and 11th Street from the west side of Rogers to the east side of Rogers. • It creates several new loading zones. • It prohibits motorcycles and mopeds from parking in areas intended for bicycles. • It allows only electric vehicles to park in city garage spaces designated for electric vehicles. • It creates a new temporary visitor parking permit program for on-street parking in residential neighborhood parking zones. • It adds a new pay by phone zone via pay-by-mobile app "Parkmobile" in three block faces. • It adds and changes the Multi-Stop Intersections in some locations. • It adds On-Street Metered Parking in three locations. • It adds and changes the Multi-Stop Intersections in some locations. • It adds one Signalized Intersections. • It removes One-Way Street in one locations. • It also removes redundancies created when Ordinance 18-26 added codifications without deleting as necessary. Note: At the Regular Session on August 12, 2020, the Council considered six amendments and adopted five of them, which are identified below: • Am 01 removed two blocks listed as additions to Schedule M; • Am 02 added two blocks and edited one to be removed from Schedule M; • Am 03 added defined hours for three loading zones; • Am 04 corrected a reference to the Unified Development Ordinance; and • Am 06 added definitions for Class A and Class B motor driven cycles and made clear that such cycles are not prohibited from parking on a Class II bicycle parking facility.

Amends CodeYes
Final 2020-08-12 pass 8-0 (Rosenbarger, absent)