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Date - 1980 Number Status Title Download
November 25 80-29 Passed Resolution 80-29 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for Empire Energy Co. (Ethanol Plant)  Resolution
November 10 80-28 Passed Resolution 80-28 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for St. Regis Paper Company  Resolution
November 25 80-27 Passed Resolution 80-27 To Approve Filing of an Application for UMTA Transit Grant  Resolution
November 25 80-26 Passed Resolution 80-26 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for Nunn Development, College and 4th  Resolution
October 2 80-25 Passed Resolution 80-25 Encomium for Jack Giles, retiring Sanitation Director Resolution
October 30 80-24 Passed Resolution 80-24 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for West Second Street Partnership  Resolution
- - - 80-23 Withdrawn Resolution 80-23 To Express Opposition to Indiana Bell Rate Increase - - -
- - - 80-22 Withdrawn Resolution 80-22 To Change Late Payment Charges for Water & Wastewater Utilities  Resolution
October 3 80-21 Passed Resolution 80-21 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for Kittle Furniture Resolution
October 3 80-20 Passed Resolution 80-20 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds for Mcdonald, Rogers, and Grodner  Resolution
August 26 80-19 Passed Resolution 80-19 To Authorize the Controller to Pay Dues to Organizations  Resolution
September 8 80-18 Passed Resolution 80-18 To Ratify the Ambulance Agreement between the city of Bloomington, Monroe County and Bloomington Hospital Resolution
August 26 80-17 Passed Resolution 80-17 To Urge the Purchase of American-Made Products by the City of Bloomington and Its Residents  Resolution
August 21 80-16 Passed Resolution 80-16 Inducement Resolution for Economic Development Revenue Bonds for Boomington Plaza Company, and Kroger, Company  Resolution
August 1 80-15 Passed Resolution 80-15 To Designate B.F. Goodrich Property on East Hillside as Urban Development Area  Resolution
July 11 80-14 Passed Resolution 80-14 To Increase Amount of EDC Bond for Mallor and Prall Association (East 6th - Wicks Building)  Resolution
May 23 80-13 Passed Resolution 80-13 To Approve Hiring by USB of J. Karaganis for PCB Litigation  Resolution
May 2 80-12 Passed Resolution 80-12 Inducement Resolution for B.F. Goodrich (Sakes Tarzian Plant on East Hillside) Resolution
April 25 80-11 Passed Resolution 80-11 To Approve an Amendment to 1972 CBD Plan to Add Parking Garage  Resolution
April 11 80-10 Passed Resolution 80-10 Inducement Resolution for EDC Bonds - Woodbridge Apartments on East 10th (Glick) Resolution
March 24 80-09 Passed Resolution 80-09 Authorize Temporary Loan from Fleet Maintenance to Parks and Recreation  Resolution
March 24 80-08 Passed Resolution 80-08 To Increase Amount of EDC Bonds for I.U. Retirement Community  Resolution
March 24 80-07 Passed Resolution 80-07 Authorize Filing UMFA Grant -- Transit Resolution
July 11 80-06 Passed Resolution 80-06 To Approve the Rules for the Wastewater Utility  Resolution
February 6 80-05 Passed Resolution 80-05 Encomium for Betsy Williams, Grants person and Former Animal Shelter Director Resolution
February 25 80-04 Passed Resolution 80-04 To Approve the Mayor's Recommendations for Distribution of Community Development Block Grant Funds Resolution
January 16 80-03 Passed Resolution 80-03 To Urge the Parks and Recreation Board to Continue Community Market in Third Street Park  Resolution
January 8 80-02 Passed Resolution 80-02 Investment of Funds Resolution
January 8 80-01 Passed Resolution 80-01 To Establish the Committee System for the 1980 Common Council  Resolution