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Street & Traffic Signs

2942 S Walnut Street PIKE

Case Date:

i live in the barclay square apartment complex. Every day when I pull out of my apartment complex cars speed past along S Walnut Street Pike. This is a residential area with children waiting outside for their buses, as well as some folks walking their dogs. I believe that if there was a stop sign along S Walnut Street Pike it would minimize the risks of motor vehicle accidents or putting pedestrians in danger.

closed #178914

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2810 S Brookside DR

Case Date:

Pot hole

closed #178908

Water Quality

135 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water coming through faucets and toilet fills is very dark copper colored.

open #178291

Sidewalk Requests

102 E Ridgeview DR

Case Date:

There is a need for sidewalk on the east side of S Walnut street between E Winslow Rd and E Ridgeview Dr. It's a very dangerous stretch where motorists tend to speed and includes a blind hill. There are pedestrians walking along the shoulder of this road constantly. Thank you for your time.

closed #177504

Water Quality

155 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Our tap water has a strong smell and taste of mildew. I don't know about water safety, but at this point we can't even use it for cooking, brushing our teeth, or making coffee, let alone drink it.

closed #176492

Water Utility Problems

125 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Loss of water supply pressure to the entire property. Water supply is present, but reduced to about 5% of normal pressure

open #176193

Street Trees

214 E Ridgeview DR

Case Date:

I have sent this in a couple times and it still has not been addressed. There are shrubs/trees overgrown into the road and it is making it dangerous because cars are swerving into the middle of the road to miss it. It has made it very unsafe for those walking in the neighborhood. The city trimmed it back a year or two ago and that helped. I would like for it to be trimmed back again. Thank you.

closed #175997

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

214 E Ridgeview DR

Case Date:

Hi there, there are a few section on e ridgeview dr and e sunny slopes dr that have over growth of a bush/ tree into the road. Specifically across from 214 e ridgeview dr, where I have seen many cars swerve around to miss the overgrowth, making it dangerous for other cars and people walking in the neighborhood. In the past the city has come out to trim it back with a big machine. Could we please get it trimmed back again? I would really appreciate it so I can feel safe walking with my daughter around her and driving on the street. Thank you!

closed #175669

Excessive Growth

126 E Ridgeview DR

Case Date:

Lawn is over a foot long, concerned re: ticks.

closed #175491

Excessive Growth

105 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

S Brookside ends just past the intersection with E Sunny Sloped Dr. The past several years the City has mowed, regularly, the grassy extension of S Brookside (going north). But some years I have needed to send a reminder. The grass is getting pretty tall there now...