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Parks & Playgrounds

601 W Howe ST

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Homeless man and friends congregating in the building and trades park - upper shelter house. Drinking most days of the week. I Have witnessed them drinking a case of bud lite as well as pouring a handle of liquor into their water bottles. This would not normally bother me, however I am a homeowner in the near vicinity. I have witnessed a decline in the amount of people bringing their kids to the park due to this increase in the homeless population as well as their increase in how comfortable they (I.e. Dogs off leash, air mattress, sleeping bags, etc). I have recently done a lot of work to my house and am worried that this activity in this park will affect my property value. I would appreciate if there was some way to address this homeless population in my neighborhood park. If there could be more patrols by the park at random times throughout the day as well as at at night (they sleep under the shelter house as well) I feel that it may help stop some of this activity. As a young female; I am hesitant to contact the police at each one of these instances for fear of retaliation/they know where I live/may know it's me calling.

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Parks & Playgrounds


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Water fountain near tennis courts is off please turn on

closed #138489

Parks & Playgrounds

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The water fountains are not turned on.

closed #132890

Parks & Playgrounds

601–699 E Dixie St

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The drinking fountain near the fenced playground in Bryan Park is not working properly. When it is activated, it sprays water in several directions. Thank you!

closed #132468

Parks & Playgrounds

909 S Henderson ST

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Water fountain near enclosed playground isn't draining.

closed #129031

Parks & Playgrounds

3665-3699 The Stands Rd

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Water fountain only works when pushed on hard by an adult. Kids can't operate.