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Wildlife Conflict

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Duck, quail and turkey in a small cage at 1100 W Countryside Lane in Bloomington with no shelter, space to roam, viable clean water or bedding.

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500-698 W Clover Ter, Bloomington, Indiana, 47404

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Rusty looking water and boil order?

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3611 S Bainbridge DR

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water bill

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This morning (1/19/21) our water heater broke and we had to have an emergency water shut off. Our water heater was fixed by 10am and I called to have our water turned back on. I was PROMISED that a technician would be by before 6pm to turn our water back on. No one arrived so I called the office and received a very rude response when I called to check if someone was still coming. I was told we would just have to be serviced the next day, even though I was told I would be serviced on the 19th and never was. This is a true inconvenience and we received an incredibly rude response.

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Re: Communication about Boil Water Alert for 7th St., 9/6/21. I did not know that there was a boil water alert for my street until, by accident, I found out about it. I'm even signed up for alerts from Monroe County, but I never received one. If you're new to Btown or even if you're not and you've never encountered a boil water alert or even if you have--if you don't know about the Monroe Cty. alert system or if that doesn't work well (I couldn't even find the alert on the Co. website), or you can't manage digital stuff, there's no way you'd be prompted to check for an alert, and that could have serious health consequences. In this time of public health crises and awareness, that's critical. Please implement an effective communications system as soon as possible so that all residents are sure to be alerted and can protect their health. Thank you.

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I just tried twice to submit a water/sewer concern and I’m not sure it went through. Should I see a confirmation screen or receive a confirmation email? Thanks.

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THIS IN INAAPPROPRIATE RESPONSE TO GET: 404 Not Found You step in the stream, But the water has moved on. This page is not here. THIS SITE IS POOR, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS SITE.

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1515 W Locust St, Bloomington, IL 61701, USA

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The neighbor has a broken pool in the side yard. It has some dirty water in it and is leaning on one side.It's been this way for the last 2 months. when asked they said it would get removed , but so far is still there.

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600 E Miller DR

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Over the past 75 years, health authorities have promoted community water fluoridation to reduce dental caries. Until recently, however, no studies had examined the safety of fluoride in vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and infants. This video describes the history of water fluoridation and new research that found fluoride is toxic to the developing brain.” http://fluoridealert.org/articles/little-things-matter-fluoride-brain/?fbclid=IwAR0tovpJ3NggXR1qS4Hq3KzZQeq-UKvpnkiUTMMjs7Ij3tS0rhxVwqONbgU Public water Supply & disinfectants The City of Bloomington needs to fallow the work of Fluoride Action Network and their Active EPA Law suits to stop the use of harmfull Chemical's. Any and or all imported from Communist Chinese should be seen as a form of asymmetric Psych Chemical War Fare , Which about 10 % was is being used American Public Water Supply

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Water Utility Problems

1000 S Madison ST

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The riser is damaged on our water meter pit at 1000 S. Madison. We called you guys about it several months ago (3 or 4). We were told it would be addressed asap and a CBU safety leg frame was put up over it (see attached photo). However, nothing has been done since and this is a bit of an eye sore. Will you please schedule someone to either come repair this or to just come retrieve your leg frame, as I am not happy with how it looks in my yard. Thank you in advance for your help. ~Loren Wood loren@lorenwoodbuilders.com