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Water Utility Billing Problems

214 E 15th ST

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Two most recent bills have charged us for using 4,000-5,000 gallons of water, and therefore charging roughly $100. The bill for September was $106.42 and the bill for October was $93.15. This is for a two-person house that uses the same, if not less, of an average amount of water per month. I called customer service after the first bill, but the lady I spoke with was not very helpful and recommended we wait until our next bill. According to her sources, any leakage or problem that resulted in such a high bill seemingly "fixed itself" and she did not provide any other alternatives. Come to find out that the next bill is just as high and we have no choice but to pay (again) with no resolutions. Apparently, Bloomington Utilities does not provide any services to check for any leaks or problems.

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Water Utility Billing Problems

512 E 15th ST

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My roommates and I have discovered that there was a leak with one of our toilets which caused it to continously run. So after we received our first month water bill we noticed that the bill was outrageously high and we immediately called the landlord to fix the leak. Since there was a leak, I am requesting a water bill appeal form if possible. Thank you.