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Unsafe Buildings

6280 S Old Indiana 37, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

Mays Greenhouse blatantly disregards safety requirements and puts its employees at risk. The manager smokes cigarettes indoors, forcing employees to inhale second-hand smoke just to complete business functions. The water they provide to their employees is unfiltered and burns, likely due to heavy amounts of fertilizers and pesticides used in the vicinity. Lastly, compost and waste are burned openly making the air around the perimeter toxic to breathe. Multiple employees, have had health problems related to exposure to the variety of hazards.

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Water Utility Problems

1700 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

We are in parkview apartments at 1700 N Walnut Street. There is no hot water since about 10 days. There is no heating since a week. And from two days, there is not even water. We called and contacted the property management many times, and each they say that the issue will fixed within a day or two. They have broken boilers as shown in the pictures and they are not putting appropriate effort to fix them, or even better, replace them with new ones since they are very old. Yesterday they tried to fix them and all apartments in the building ended up with no water at all. We need immediate action from your side to get the management working on these issues. The apartments are managed by varsity properties in Bloomington Indiana

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Unsafe Buildings

331 S Grant ST

Case Date:

More than one person is sick with bronchitis in multiple units in the building. The doctor states that bronchitis can be caused by materials that pollute indoor air. I know that we all share one furnace where one unit has control over the temperature of all six apartments in the building. There was questionable contaminated water that was sitting in a unit for the month that the residents were getting sick; it was plunged down the drained Monday 11/7. Though the water is not there anymore, the health and safety of the ventilation & air quality is still in question. I also cannot open the windows easily to the whole apartment to let fresh air in (is that a fire hazard?)

closed #181899

Unsafe Buildings

1635 N College AVE

Case Date:

What is going on here? A half-deconstructed building that is a danger to all who seek shelter on this property and a general eyesore. Are you aware that the 8’ basement is nearly full of water. Not a very safe place to bathe…I believe the city planning department (or the city in conjunction with the county) has the ability to condemn this structure and cause the cleanup of this site. Current owner: Mike Ross of Wow Food Group. Please contact him and ask him to either repair the building or secure the facility to prevent loss of life.

closed #181638

Fire Hazards

1207 W Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

There is an extension cord with lights being run across an alley to provide light to this illegally parked vagrant that is living in this RV. The extension cord is ran across the alley behind 1207 w cottage grove avenue. This is a fire hazard , a trip hazard and unsafe. I’m not sure what this vagrant is doing with his sewer and water. The alley runs west to east between Summit Street and Alexander Street and Cottage Grove and wedt 10th street. Thank you.

closed #181181

Excessive Growth

Case Date:

1706 E Second street house, the part of the lawn that is on Eastside Drive is unkempt. Also, could someone from the city check out the swale along that house, the Eastside Drive part. The swale is overgrown with weeds and blocks the flow from storm water to the under street drain at the corner of e Second and Eastside Drive.

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3402 S Oaklawn CIR

Case Date:

Unit 3502 Oaklawn Circle. These tires collect standing water which breed unnatural amount of mosquitos which can deform a baby in uterine and birds that eat mosquitos are in decline due to pesticides. Unit 3402 Oaklawn Circle

closed #180702

Excessive Growth

Case Date:

Yard has not been mowed and owner has put back up black plastic tarp to hide fact yard has not been mowed. Lots of yard debris contains standing water. This has been a problem for over a year and the house has been vacant for over three years. Nothing has been done to repair since fire. Is very much an eyesore and health hazard.

closed #180629

Utilities Yardwork

1115 W 6th ST

Case Date:

Bamboo overgrowth 1115 W 6th Street's SouthEast corner fence line is spilling over to easements of the three adjacent neighbors yards and easements. In addition to the rampant spread of this address's bamboo cluster, there is very serious concern that the utility pipes, water and gas lines, that run along the easements will be damaged or impinged upon. There is a city policy that overgrowth in yard cannot exceed a height of 8". Some of this bamboo overgrowth is over 15 feet! I love plants and I don't want to have bad relations with my neighbors, but bamboo is a terrifyingly overly successful plant species that belongs in a container. After hearing a story about bamboo on WFIU, I was heartened to learn that there might be some support from the city to help with this very insistent bamboo problem.

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Case Date:

Demolition crew at old hospital site is not spraying down the dust with water as contracted.