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closed #157874

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1123 W 7th ST

Case Date:

Potholes in gravel alley. They hold water allowing mosquitoes to breed.

closed #164868

Potholes, Other Street Repair

116 S Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

There are 3-4 moderate sized pot holes on the west side of this street. This area of the street has a significant slope with no drainage and consistently collects water, sludge, sand, etc which contributes to the deterioration of the asphalt. I have shoveled sand, etc many times from this area. This same problem is occurring in front of the house two houses north of this address. Would really be helpful to have some sort of correction to this if possible. Thank you.

closed #176984

Potholes, Other Street Repair

116 S Park Ridge Rd

Case Date:

Majority of streets and drain culverts in Park Ridge East addition need repair/repaved. There are areas on Saratoga which are really bad. Stretch of road in front of my house consistently fills up with road debris and water. Really hoping the streets in the addition could be repaved rather than filling potholes that end up re-occurrng due to poor drainage.

closed #132736

Traffic Related Complaints

1407 W 8th ST

Case Date:

Road was torn up during repairs to water line over the winter. Has not been resurfaced. Hazardous because cars drive on wrong side of street to avoid non-paved areas.

closed #160600

Potholes, Other Street Repair

305 E 18th ST

Case Date:

Hole in from of residence making it had to pull out of drive way. Large hole from a city water cut out. 305 e 18th street.

closed #183376

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3449 E Longview AVE

Case Date:

Good Street Dept. staff - bringing your attention to a street in the Park Ridge neighborhood: East Longview Ave. The photo shows some deterioration of pavement. Granted a water issue that is slowly being corrected by City staff though still an issue due to pooling water. You can see two layers of pavement coming up. WE were hoping the repaving on Longview would extend into the neighborhood but it stopped along the entry by the apartments. Please address this issue with patching or even better, milling and repaving. We would really appreciate the attention. We respect your huge responsibility all over the City and also our little corner. Thank you for considering this item - it is a well traveled road by neighbors, a bike path route so many bikers, walkers, etc. And those avoiding Pete Ellis and Third St. to travel east.

closed #182853

Potholes, Other Street Repair

3449 E Longview AVE

Case Date:

Hello - (Joe VanDeventer) Bringing to your attention the need to repave E. Longview Ave. Your department repaved a section of E. Longview in 2020 but the repaving stopped short of the Park Ridge residential neighborhood. This road needs repaving badly and I ask that you consider it on your repaving schedule ASAP. The photo above is an example granted from a water pooling issue that is still being resolved after some drain work, thanks! But the full length of E. Longview needs repaving. It is part of the E-W bike corridor, no sidewalks so lots of pedestrian traffic and bike traffic and a cut through by many avoiding Third St., and we have traffic calming bumps that will need reinstallation like you completed on Morningside Drive in 2020. Thank you for your consideration on this item. Steve Akers, living on E. Longview Ave. (32 years) Park Ridge Neighborhood Association, Secretary

closed #162312

Street Snow Removal

407 1/2 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

One of the houses near us pumps their water on to the street as well as Alice street, creating ice and slush. At least five cars have gotten stuck on the street in the past two days.

closed #165548

Potholes, Other Street Repair

4418 E Stephens DR

Case Date:

After all the utilities repair that's been going on in our neighborhood, our streets were completely ripped up. The city has since started patching the roads, but they've done a pretty slapdash job of it. The new paving is very uneven and there are gaps and places where it's easy to lose your footing. I've already tripped at least once in the last few days when I've been out walking my dog. I'm a young, able-bodied person so I'm sure you can see how it could pose a risk to the other residents in the neighborhood who might be older or less steady on their feet. I hope this patching effort is a temporary fix and not the final product, because that would be unacceptable. I would love to hear back about this issue and whether or not this is a temporary fix. I hope the roads in our neighborhood can be completely repaved when this water utilities project is fully completed.

closed #173140

Blocked Street

517 E Lakewood DR

Case Date:

There is a vine that has been hanging down onto Dunn street, just South of the dam/water treatment plant area, for several weeks. It hits my windshield practically every time I drive South on Dunn Street (unless I remember to move to middle of street to avoid it). Please cut the vine so it doesn't hang into the street.