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Website & Web Services Feedback

501 N Morton ST

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REMOVE MY NAME FROM INTERNET for security and privacy reasons, i opt out please remove my name from internet #156286 details below Water Utility Billing Problems: Comment Other: Billing address change request. Addresses removed. Reported By Julie Bennett Dreesen Assigned to Triana Johnson History 8/6/2018 09:33:58 Closed by Charles Brandt PII removal complete Sent notification to Triana Johnson, Julie Bennett Dreesen 8/6/2018 08:49:46 Updated by Charles Brandt 8/6/2018 08:48:47 Opened by Charles Brandt Request to remove personal information Sent notification to Triana Johnson, Julie Bennett Dreesen 9/29/2016 09:49:15 Closed by Triana Johnson Customer contacted by phone. Sent notification to Triana Johnson, Julie Bennett Dreesen 9/29/2016 09:47:00 Triana Johnson commented on this case. I contacted Darrell Ooley who's name is currently on the account. I explained to him what he needed to do to end his service. He said he will submit a disconnect form when he is ready to end service. Sent notification to Triana Johnson, Julie Bennett Dreesen 9/29/2016 09:40:17 Anonymous assigned this case to Triana Johnson Sent notification to Triana Johnson, Julie Bennett Dreesen 9/29/2016 09:40:17 Opened by Anonymous Disclaimer: Content submitted to uReport is considered to be a public record and may be p

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

501 N Morton ST

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Corner of RCA Park and Susie St. During heavy rains manhole cover lid comes up into street spurting water from sewer. Ditch next to Susie St has debris and overgrown trees that cause flooding into yards and during heavy rains water from storm sewer lid being open causes water to drain onto Susie St causing driveways to flood and cause damage to surrounding areas

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Water Quality

1316 N Maple ST

Case Date:

water is very cloudy

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City Performance

620 W 8th ST

Case Date:

Do the new water meters finally mean we can be billed by the gallon as opposed to the present archaic system of thousands of gallons, which is exceptionally adverse to water conservation incentives as well as basic economic fairness. Please say yes. It's such an easy change to make. Even X for every hundred gallons is a vast improvement and perhaps easier to transition to.

closed #169204

Water Quality

913 N College AVE

Case Date:

No water pressure

closed #169242

Potholes, Other Street Repair

501 N Morton ST

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Hello! I'm writing to request repaving of Uppington Court in Sherwood Oaks. We've had a water main break several months back and now a layer of pavement is chipping off and causing debris where our children play. The condition of Uppington Court can be improved and made safe for our children to scooter and ride bikes by repaving. There is also a person who parks his trailer on the street over where the water main burst and is just filled in with rocks and no curb. It would be best if he could park his trailer and truck on his own property and so that this repair/repaving can be done. Thank you for considering this project! The children in the cul-de-sac (and parents!) would very much appreciate the repaving update.

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Water Utility Problems

517 N Plymouth RD

Case Date:

There was a noticeable decrease in water pressure this morning. We thought it could be a leak in our house, but the neighbors told us they had a drop in water pressure also.

closed #169560

Water Utility Problems

3901 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

Apparent water leak in front of 3901 E Saratoga (Park Ridge East, NE corner of Smith and Morningside) with stream of water going into street for weeks

closed #169778

Water Utility Problems

1313 E Fairwood DR

Case Date:

Our house is experiencing intermittent water pressure issues.

closed #169800

Water Utility Problems

1407 E Richland DR

Case Date:

Our water is turn off. When will it be restored?