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closed #176744

Parks & Playgrounds

708 W 10th ST

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I submitted this issue already as a sanitation issue, but I was told that it is P&R's responsibility. So hopefully it will get routed to the right person this time. There is a drainage channel at the edge of Butler Park near 10th and Fairview that is clogged with stones and sediment from recent flooding events. It needs to be dug out to allow water to drain and avoid breeding mosquitoes. Location is halfway between Fairview and the path connecting Butler Park to the B line.

closed #175901

Parks & Playgrounds

3421 E Longview AVE

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The water fountain is leaking. Water is seeping out around the base of the fixture. Thank you for addressing the erosion to the north of the steps leading up to the shelter and park. Also, there are multiple areas of erosion around the park. Notable areas are to the east of the shelter and to the south of the sidewalk on the south side of the playground structure but there are presumably other bare areas prone to erosion due to their location on a hill or in a high traffic areas. To prevent long term damage to the structure of the park and not having the shelter area turn in to a muddy mess, please address these issues.

closed #175384

Parks & Playgrounds

3425 E Longview AVE

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The water fountain is leaking in Park Ridge Park.

closed #172338

Parks & Playgrounds

320 W 8th ST

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When is the water going to be turned back on at the Ferguson dog park?

closed #155982

Parks & Playgrounds

4426 E Cambridge CT

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The water fountain at Park Ridge East Park is continuously running.

closed #153481

Parks & Playgrounds

2855 N Walnut ST

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The water fountain by the bathrooms at lower Cascades is leaking from inside the water fountain. It's a pretty good flow.