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closed #186983

Potholes, Other Street Repair

904 N Woodlawn AVE

Case Date:

Complex, long-standing problem: water pools and has nowhere to drain to on Woodlawn just north of 12th Street and up against the south side of the RR tracks. This isn't such an issue when the temperature is reasonable, but when it freezes it poses a sliding risk when the train is approaching. Major accident just waiting to happen.

closed #186982

Potholes, Other Street Repair

110 E 12th ST

Case Date:

Maybe a complex problem, but there is often standing water (rain or shine, but especially when it's been raining) on the sidewalk and the street in the block just east of Walnut on the south side of 12th Street. .

closed #186914

Drainage or Runoff

213 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

There is water constantly flowing out of the ground on the alley east of 213 E. Cottage Grove about 40 feet north of the street. The water is bubbling up and flowing south to the street then flowing east to Lincoln. When it was cold recently a glacier formed there that was dangerous to walk or drive on. It i now getting swampy there - still dangerous but in a different way. Both City Utilities and property owner were notified, but it is not clear if anyone has determined where the water is coming from. Good to check the meters in the area, e.g., 701 N. Lincoln, 700 N. Washington, 706 N. Washington for any unexpectedly high usage.

closed #186890

Potholes, Other Street Repair

126 S Clark ST

Case Date:

The asphalt on South Clark was recently repaired (I assume because of a recent water main break), and the new asphalt has sunk in somewhat. It's not clear that it's safe. This is on the street at the end of a driveway between 126 and 128 South Clark Street.

closed #186434

Utilities Construction

711 E Cottage Grove AVE

Case Date:

SE corner of lot just west of alley and close to the sidewalk there is a medium-sized, water-meter pit that is uncovered. Lid is not around, apparently. Dangerous trip hazard at night, and animals could fall in.

closed #185638

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

601 N Summit ST

Case Date:

How can I find out where my water meter is? We don’t see one in our yard and there isn’t anything about it on my portal page. Many thanks!

closed #185580

Utilities Yardwork

2611 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

The water department dug this hole in my yard along with another huge hole earlier this summer. The other was filled and reseeded but this never was.

closed #184418

Drainage or Runoff

2214 E 7th ST

Case Date:

Storm sewers are blocked by debris on the streets causing water backup on the road. The street needs to be cleaned and debris removed from storm grates.

closed #183522

Drainage or Runoff

101 S Union ST

Case Date:

Storm drain has been blocked and will cause excessive water pooling when it rains. This is on the north side of the house-5th Street.

closed #183509

Drainage or Runoff

3701 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

leaking water line