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Water Utility Problems

1035 W 6th ST

Case Date:

There is water seeping out of the ground and onto the pavement on the east side of Oak Street, the alley that runs between 5th & 6th Streets. On the other side of Oak is a fire hydrant. I suspect the pipe is leaking.

closed #181316

Water Quality

1529 W 8th ST

Case Date:

Our water tastes absolutely horrible and nothing makes it better. Brita filters are brand new, we added fruit as you suggested, and it’s becoming an issue for my family. We drink tap water daily and it’s our main source of hydration. The cost of buying water is atrocious but we have 2 boys who drink water all day. How is the city going to help us with this issue?

closed #181294

Water Quality

2600 E 7th ST

Case Date:

For the past week, my water has been smelling moldy and tasting terrible. Is there a boil order I am not aware of? Thank you for any information you can give me. Sincerely, Diane Evans

closed #181274

Water Quality

309 N Indiana AVE

Case Date:

The water in this building has a very strong sewage smell. I understand hard water and mineral smell and taste but the smell of this water is concerning.

closed #181126

Water Utility Problems

4471 E 3rd ST APT 33

Case Date:

Water pressure is so low it's not usable.

closed #180913

Water Utility Billing Problems

3501 N Kinser PIKE

Case Date:

My water will doubled, but I did not increase my usage significantly. Could I have my meter evaluated?

closed #180815

Drainage or Runoff

317 W 14th ST

Case Date:

There are multiple areas of stormwater runoff and pooling occurring on my property due to the development and ensuing increased runoff produced by the adjacent property at 910 N Madison St. My observations of increased water on my property come from regrading of the property to be higher than mine, a capped drain, building on the N-S alleyway that used to serve as a way for runoff to flow to the street, and redirection of water onto my properties via gutters, tubing, and installed drainage flows that direct onto my property on the north and northeast side of the 910 N Madison property. This has caused flooding in my basement, yard, and driveway that was not there prior to the redevelopment of this property and the vacation of the alley. I have more photos of where the stormwater drainage from this property is deliberately directed onto my properties, but am not able to upload them here due to the limit of one photo. All of lots surrounding this home are now on the market for development at an increased density. My concern is for my current situation and for the increased drainage issues that will come from further densification without mitigation to protect me and my surrounding neighbors. I would appreciate someone to come out to my property to see the current situation and drains installed by the City that are not functioning to protect my properties at 317 W 14th and 920 N Madison from damage by stormwater runoff.

closed #180713

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2910 W 3rd ST

Case Date:

The storm sewer on Franklin Road, just as it makes a 90-degree turn, is blocked. It does not drain water very well and accumulates. There are other storm sewers near that area that also need cleared.

closed #180629

Utilities Yardwork

1115 W 6th ST

Case Date:

Bamboo overgrowth 1115 W 6th Street's SouthEast corner fence line is spilling over to easements of the three adjacent neighbors yards and easements. In addition to the rampant spread of this address's bamboo cluster, there is very serious concern that the utility pipes, water and gas lines, that run along the easements will be damaged or impinged upon. There is a city policy that overgrowth in yard cannot exceed a height of 8". Some of this bamboo overgrowth is over 15 feet! I love plants and I don't want to have bad relations with my neighbors, but bamboo is a terrifyingly overly successful plant species that belongs in a container. After hearing a story about bamboo on WFIU, I was heartened to learn that there might be some support from the city to help with this very insistent bamboo problem.

closed #180472

Excessive Growth

921 W Winding WAY

Case Date:

Lots of excessive front yard and back yard growth. The back yard also contains a myriad of trash items such as old toilets which have been collecting water. My pest control company says mosquitoes won't get better here until something is done over there.