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Sidewalk Requests

653 E Heather DR

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Water ponding after rain. People walk on street or grass to avoid water ponding. One family had a stroller and had to go onto street to negotiate sidewalks filled with water.

closed #173698

Sidewalk Requests

3165 S Coppertree DR

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The south end of the sidewalk in phase 2 near the gazebo is sinking. There is at least 20 inches of no dirt below the sidewalk, hence it is sinking. The sidewalk is next to the sewer drain where the earth has disappeared and with all of the water problems we have had recently with water mains, the city needs to come inspect. One city worked thought this drain runs right next to departed neighbor Cassie Howard's condo which then should worry us as the ground beneath her condo also disappeared causing her slab to sink and foundation to go bad. These two problems could be connected and the area below the sidewalk cannot simply be filled in with dirt. It has to be inspected including a city inspection. We need to see why it is all sinking.

closed #155002

Sidewalk Requests

1101 S Henderson ST

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Owner has set up a drain from the basement of this house that dumps directly on the sidewalk in front of the house. The sidewalk has been a muddy mess of standing water and a fall hazard ever since. Is this a violation of city code? It seems like it would break down the side walk over time and ,again, be a fall hazard due to the muddy mess.