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closed #170535

Drainage or Runoff

117 S Meadowbrook DR

Case Date:

Regarding ticket #168173 says it was resolved, but is not. issue remains. Need runoff dug to correct drop. From previous report "Insufficient runoff drainage on the East side of S. Meadowbrook Dr in Parkridge East between 111 S. Meadowbrook drive and the 101 S Meadowbrook Dr causing significant backups and flooding for residents. Particularly the runoff drainage ditch is blocking the culvert in front of 111 S. Meadowbrook. Picture attached. Request the drainage ditch be deepened in this area so that the culvert is unblocked and provides sufficient slope to keep water flowing toward E. Morningside runoff drainage."

closed #170698

Drainage or Runoff

1000 N College AVE

Case Date:

There is a water leak that has been ongoing for atleast a couple months at the NE corner of 14th and College Ave.

open #170850

Drainage or Runoff

835 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

My basement has flooded due to street runoff twice within the last 7 years and has ruined my furnace and water heater. I am requesting the city pour a curb along the front of my street where my house is facing to prevent future damage.

closed #171122

Drainage or Runoff

238 N Sheffield DR

Case Date:

Excess water seems to be coming out of my drains at the street, even days after it has rained. My water bill was high last month, and I thought it was for other reasons. Now I am worried that there is a leak.

closed #171131

Drainage or Runoff

Prep School

Case Date:

There appears to be a water leak at the corner of N Jackson and 17th St. It was really wet yesterday morning. Today, it has frozen and cars slide when coming to the stop sign. Could be really dangerous. Thanks!

closed #171250

Drainage or Runoff

924 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

Hello, there appears to be a leak for a water line under the sidewalk located between 920 West Kirkwood and 924 West Kirwood. The leak is located directly south of a water meter vault. During the recent cold weather, the water is freezing and making it hazardous for pedestrians to cross. Thank You.