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Debris Removal

3420 E Adair LN

Case Date:

Not sure if this is private property or part of the green belt along Clarizz but trash is everywhere and there is a large body of untreated water ready to fester with rising temperatures.

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Water Utility Problems

3507 S Tulip AVE

Case Date:

Water seems to be shut off entirely

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3635 S Bainbridge DR

Case Date:

3635 S. Bainbridge Dr. All three storm inlets during flash flooding events aren't able to keep up with the water demand which then sends water down our driveway. About 3 years ago a third drain was installed to help mitigate the issue but hasn't worked the way it was intended. We left for the weekend for a funeral this past weekend and the drains became clogged which then sent water down our driveway and flooded the basement for the second time this year. First time happened in November due to leaves and the leave pickup program overwhelming our storm inlets. We had a swell put in to mitigate the driveway water and it has worked well. However, when the storm drains clog, the swell is overwhelmed. Please help.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

3725 E Brownridge RD

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On Sunday there was a break in a water pipe that necessitated digging up the street in from of our house and mail box.The work was left unfinished, I assume due to the snow fall. Is it possible t repair and finish now that the weather has improved. It is difficult for the mailman to deliver mail.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3807 S Preston CT

Case Date:

The street drain and field drain on Preston Ct does not appear to be able to properly handle large amounts of rain fall. It is common for both to become overwhelmed, especially the field drain in the back of 3807 Preston Ct. these drains need to be cleaned and inspected for proper sizing. Water flow out of field drain appears o be insufficient.

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Water Quality

3809 E St Remy DR

Case Date:

We are experiencing a fishy smell with our water from our tap, (showers, kitchen sink, washing machine). I’d say in the last week this has started.

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Water Utility Problems

3864 S Laurel CT

Case Date:

Good morning, I do not have hot water at my residence.

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Water Utility Problems

3897 S Bushmill DR

Case Date:

Hello, I was mowing today and noticed that it looks like there is a hole in my water cover in my yard. I'm not sure if this is an issue or why it is there. Any information or help would be great. Thanks!

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Water Utility Problems

3907 S Bushmill DR

Case Date:

After installing the smart water meter CBU nor their contracted service provider left notification on our door that installation had occurred. On Monday of this week, CBU dug around the meter and within hours several water issues were present in our home. Debris in our drinking water (again not notified of work done, w tag on our door) seal blown off our dishwasher pump rendering it useless, and water saturating our carpet in the Living room. All occurring within hours of CBU being around the meter and digging. We have contacted and spoken with both contracted service personnel as well as the meter dept at CBU. We are currently in communication with assistant director. Today a service meter technician came to our property to take pics and "plugged" the smart meter back in to a housing that it had come undone from as per Ken Johnson. Again, we were home, the meter was handled and no courtesy knock or paper notice was put on our door . This is unacceptable as we had just been on the phone with CBU sharing our concerns. CBU Protocol has not been followed, drinking water was not safe guarded for my family, digging around a meter with no courtesy tag left on the door, meters installed with no courtesy tag left on the door including notice to flush the system or # to contact if there were issues, meter equipment not "plugged in" as per Johnson, and water leaks in our home which now require jack hammering into the slab. This is a deep concern of water safety, CBU Protocol disregarded, and extensive repair cost (3k or more). Mike Colliver (317)590-0115

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Water Utility Problems

4109 S Clear View DR

Case Date:

We have very little water pressure on the South Side (Clear View Drive). Are you aware of a water main break issue in the area?