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closed #185020

Biking & Walking

2680 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Unexpected, unmarked angle in pavement within the 7th St biking lane. This is an addition to the pavement surface that is unsafe for cyclists. It is a hill that is angled for water runoff but not in the private property of the apartments. Not a city addition. Please make it level with the street. Thank you.

closed #179755

Blocked Sidewalk

Case Date:

The side walk along High Street, just south of Woodstock Place, has been partially blocked with the asphalt that was used to temporarily fill pot holes. As the water pushed out the asphalt, it has moved onto the sidewalk, making walking along busy High Street more dangerous.

closed #187587

Blocked Sidewalk

228 W Kirkwood AVE

Case Date:

When it rains, water sheds to the west off the B-Line and drops sediment on the sidewalk along Kirkwood. It seems preferable that the water would shed toward Morton Street where the storm water drains can other job. The sediment deposit from the rain last week is still covering the sidewalk on the north side of Kirkwood.

closed #186084

Blocked Street

Case Date:

And apparently the workers of 186081 uReport have now blown up a water line in my front yard, as a neighbor sent me a picture of a geyser taller than my house. Great, just great. I'll survey for damages when home, which appear likely, but CBU is on-scene I am told. There needs to be additional accountability for the constant stream of contractors and their subcontractors constantly on property in recent years, with many contractors simply pushing blame that it wasn't "them" but their subs. This same group was using my side yard to store plastic recently, not part of any easement.

closed #175709

Drainage or Runoff

202 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

The southwest corner of 4th and Rogers intersection has terrible drainage and creates a giant puddle that makes it impossible for pedestrians to cross without stepping into inches of pooled water. The harder it rains, the worse it gets. The giant puddle doesn't go away quickly, either. Please fix this sidewalk.

closed #177888

Excessive Growth

2304 S Ford AVE

Case Date:

Home owner has excessive growth in back yard. Home owner also has two untreated, unfiltered, and un-serviced pits in the back yard that fill with rain water and are left standing. Referred to as "ponds". This has caused an increase in critters and bugs in the area. I would like this request to remain anonymous please...

closed #184815

Line of Sight

Case Date:

Attn Barry Collins, hello, this is Robyn Griffith and I want to report Jessica Morrow, Doug Klyn, Morgan Gilreath and James Tussey for manufacturing meth on my property without my knowledge and pouring it down my toilet, breaking my new outside gas line, feeding me chili with worm vot and feces and theft of my US Air pay card and funds and Ernie Wright having my water turned off refusing reconnect all by criminal gang techniques. I need help please and thank you.

closed #150622


S Henderson St

Case Date:

The guard rail at Wingslow and Hinderson is in need of repair or replacement. If someone rear ended my little Miata into that corner I'd either go under into the water or just get decapitated. Please fix this s soon.

closed #180634


Case Date:

I just hope the demolition at the old hospital includes SPRAYING down the DUST with WATER every day!! My neighbors and I on West Wylie St. worry about this.

closed #184809

Potholes, Other Street Repair

Case Date:

Please remove the two piles of extra concrete that were left on either side of the new water garden the city installed in front of my house at 510 W Allen St. These are eyesores and are left over from the construction.