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closed #44376

Sidewalk Snow Removal

3420 E Adair LN

Case Date:

Mr. Koch believes that the four retention ponds that the city built to deal with storm water run off around Clarizz Boulevard is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. He wants the city to remove some of these ponds. He would like to speak to the Storm Water Engineer regarding the need to have four ponds.

closed #64102

Sidewalk Snow Removal

521 S Meadowbrook DR

Case Date:

Medlyn states that the stone wall is on City property (?) and is about to fall in. The water runoff sometimes pools at the back of this wall causing erosion and the wall appears to be falling in.

closed #64476

Sidewalk Snow Removal

621 S Pleasant Ridge RD

Case Date:

Chamness lives in Hoosier Acres. There is a stream that runs by his property at 621. There are two culvert pipes that run under the street. Chamness noticed that after last night's rain there is a wide stream of water that is running along the culverts. The strip of water is on the north side of the culverts. The water is eroding away the dirt and he is afraid as it continues to rain the erosion will become worse. He would like someone to look at it to see if there is a problem.

closed #34911

Sidewalk Snow Removal

725 S Meadowbrook DR

Case Date:

Standing water in back yard after rain-neighbor to the east gets water in basement

closed #64385

Sidewalk Snow Removal

819 S Pleasant Ridge RD

Case Date:

Storm water has caused problems on either side culvert next to home.