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Drainage or Runoff

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at "auto glass" business at 2521 w 3rd st, this morning there was a large steady stream of water onto sidewalk even though it wasnt raining. so probably a broken pipe. please check on this or it will become a hazard for pedestrians when the temp crashes soon & it will freeze. thanks

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

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I hope I am reporting this to the same place that I did earlier (see below) The City of Bloomington website is a bit Byzantine in nature I live at 1300 East Maxwell Lane on the SE corner of E. Maxwell Lane and Highland Avenue. Several weeks ago I contacted you about a hole in the pavement that runs in front of out house. It is situated in an offset parking area that looks to be on the easement along the front of our house. The hole is about 8 inches across and several inches deep. Below the surface of the pavement you can see the top of a pipe which extends north towards an open drainage area at the intersection of East Maxwell Lane and Highland. It would seem to continue to the south down Highland. You can see the edge of the pipe, which is open, where the hole in the pavement has formed and it looks as though water must have been draining out at this point causing the surrounding material around it to erode which allowed the pavement above it to collapse. Several days after I contacted you someone from the city did come out and look at it but said that he was not sure as to whether it was the city’s responsibility to correct the problem or ours as the homeowners. He said he would need to research the situation to see exactly what might be involved in the problem and who should take care of the repair. However we have not heard anything from the city concerning this and we would like to have it corrected before winter sets in with more rain and snow runoff creating more of a problem, which I feel sure will ultimately affect not only our lot but also the street adjacent to it. A few days after that person was here I did see a city car pulled up alongside Maxwell Lane for a few minutes but no one got out or came to the door to inquire but it could have been someone else from the city coming to assess the situation. They may have been thinking that the problem was on that side of the house since we do have a Maxwell Lane address but the house faces Highland and the problem is on that side. I don’t know, this is just a guess. Could someone there please check to see what is happening with this problem?

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Drainage or Runoff

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I CAN'T GET THE LOCATION DESIGNATION TO INDICATE MY POSITION.. However I am on the corner of East Maxwell Lane and South Highland Avenue. My address is 1300 E. Maxwell Lane. A couple of days ago I noticed a hole about 8 or 10 inches across had opened up in what appears to be the easement in front of my house. It is about 8 inches deep and in the middle of the hole is the end of a metal pipe. You can just see the top portion of the pipe. It looks as though this pipe is in line with an open underground intersection of piping at Maxwell and Highland which which collects rainwater and runs south on Highland. . I don't know whether with rainfall there is water coming out of the pipe but there does seem to be erosion around the end of the pipe which I think must account for the hole forming. If someone could come look at it and determine what's going on I would be most appreciative.