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Potholes, Other Street Repair

1200-1298 E Hillside Dr, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

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The area of Hillside between Weatherstone and Olive has its share of potholes, but it also has a water pipe that is missing its lid. Earlier today the lid was at the curb cut on the east side of Weatherstone although the pipe hole is closer to Olive. Where Olive meets Hillside there is the remains of what used to be a concrete lip, but is almost entirely broken up now.

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Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

1201 E Benson CT

Case Date:

I have called several times over the last 3 years to report a dangerous curb on our street corner. Last summer a young child was injured when they hit the broken curb and fell. Please take care of this soon. The standing water each winter makes it more and more of a hazard as the cement freezes and thaws constantly there. Perhaps you could eliminate the standing water and prevent another deteriorated curb situation in the future. Your quick response would very much be appreciated. Thank you.

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Drainage or Runoff

1202 E Elliston DR

Case Date:

I live at 1202 E. Elliston Drive (green house pictured). Elliston Dr, at the northwest corner of our lot, pools with a large volume of storm water after even a little rainfall, and it does not drain we have to wait for it to evaporate. I know it's probably an undertaking but is there any way the city can fix this? Overall the corner is a high elevation but there's a shallow pool there as you can see, and no storm drain. Could a storm line be ran down to another location so it can drain away and stop causing problems with the curb basically eroding away?

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1203 W 6th ST

Case Date:

In the 1300 block of W 6th Street, the culvert where the open ditch goes under the North side of W 6th Street is nearly closed by debris, limbs, trash and a tire. The water is backed up. When it gets warmer it will be a prime mosquito breeding site and public health nuisance. This open ditch re-emerges near Kleindorfer's Hardware, goes around the auto body shop and under 3rd Street between that shop and Hinkle's Hamburgers. Litter, trash, plastic wrap & etc line the banks of this ditch and are no doubt being washed into the watershed. Shouldn't these businesses be required to send an employee out there periodically to clean up this trash?

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Water Utility Problems

1205 E Fairwood DR

Case Date:

Water bubbling up on sidewalk

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

121 S Jefferson ST

Case Date:

Basement is flooded, due to rain water

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1213 S Brooks DR

Case Date:

It has come to our attention, as mentioned by the owner, that there is an underground propane tank still present on this property. We are concerned about potential toxic effects if left in the ground. Please investigate and remove. We hope this will be removed to prevent contamination of underground water.

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Water Utility Problems

1224 N Madison ST

Case Date:

Have had low water pressure since I move in but it became extremely low after around 8pm Thursday eve and continues to be little more than trickle.

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Water Utility Problems

1225 S Collinswood DR

Case Date:

Water flowing out of the ground (front yard). No problem with water or water pressure in the house

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Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1225 S Pickwick PT

Case Date:

As per photo, sewage smelling water infested with bugs presence all the time