City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1423 W 11th ST

Case Date:

When it rains very hard, water pools on 11th Street, from Vernal to Lindbergh Drive.

closed #172731

Water Utility Problems

1424 S Lincoln ST

Case Date:

I live in an apartment at this address. The power just flickered on and off. I can flush my toilet, but do not have running water.

closed #166477

Water Utility Problems

1438 W 6th ST

Case Date:

Very little water pressure.

closed #138209

Drainage or Runoff

1450-1598 East Elliston Drive

Case Date:

I called you a month ago to report a water leaking close to our house (3705 S Fenway Pl, 47401). It seems no action has been taken and the problem is getting worse. Water is leaking from somewhere beneath our lawn next to Elliston Drive, trickling down the street. Is there any problem with the city water pipes?

closed #163418

Water Utility Problems

1461-1713 State Road 46

Case Date:

Since late last year, I've noticed water coming out of the ground here, flowing across the multi-use path, and into the street. When the temperature dropped below freezing, this produced a considerably large layer of ice across the path. I don't know if this water is coming from the homeowner's property or from a leaking waterline, but I think someone should take a look at it.

open #179127

Water Quality

1469 E 17th ST

Case Date:

In ground water valve is missing cap. Reported by IU Groundskeeper.

closed #175914

Water Utility Problems

1500 E Maxwell LN

Case Date:

Apparently water leak underground in front yard. Low water pressure in shower this morning.

closed #167924

Water Utility Problems

1501-1599 S Hathaway Ct, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

Your staff lowered my water meter manhole last week and said they would be here this week to lower the line below the surface. Just checking on the status. There is water in the box also.

closed #131309

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1501–1599 E University St

Case Date:

Chronic drainage problem. Water remains in lane of traffic several weeks after a rain. Corner of S Mitchell & E University. Third time this has been reported. Thnx.

closed #138921

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

1506 N Washington ST

Case Date:

Customer said that there was no swale, and water runs over the sidewalk into his driveway.