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closed #179999

Water Utility Problems

2936 N Bankers DR

Case Date:

Mowing service hit the water meter with the mower on 5/22/22. Needs to be replaced.

closed #172037

Water Utility Problems

2951 N Ramble RD W

Case Date:

After our new meter was installed, there appears to be standing water around the meter. I think it should be looked at for leakage.

closed #171470

Water Utility Problems

300-598 E Melrose Ave, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401

Case Date:

The faucet in the kitchen sink is clogged, with very low water flow after the smart meter installation.

closed #175637

Water Utility Problems

307 S Eastside DR

Case Date:

Last year the water meter was replaced in the street on Eastside Drive. Since that time the water pressure in the house has decreased significantly. I have called numerous times for the utilities to come and fix the problem to no avail. I've received no response. Last week, we had a rental inspection at the house and was told the water pressure needed fixed in order to pass inspection. Is there anyone available that can look at the problem that is not in the house, but in the street? Help us please!!! Thank you!!!

closed #172052

Water Utility Problems

314 E Lookout LN

Case Date:

There is a potential water leak from the meter to the residence water main. This was reported earlier case# 171990 and status changed to resolved but the problem still exists. Please notify me of resolution findings at mttraas@yahoo.com or text 812-369-3051. Thank you. Mark T Traas

closed #171990

Water Utility Problems

316 E Lookout LN

Case Date:

Possible water leak at water meter location

closed #174454

Utilities Construction

320 S Maple ST

Case Date:

Water meter covering busted. Looks like the ureport photo issue still hasn’t been fixed so email me for the photo

closed #168121

Water Utility Problems

3403 W Tilson PL

Case Date:

cold water pressure extremely low. Has never been this low before

closed #167915

Water Utility Problems

3409 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

The last time my water meter was read, the lid didn't latch when the reader returned it. Now that spring is here, I'm a bit worried it could be a tripping hazard if a kid stepped on it. 3409 S McDougal Ct Bloomington, IN 47403 Work order sent out 4/1/19 to secure meter lid

closed #172166

Water Utility Problems

3421 N Windcrest DR

Case Date:

Water seems to be coming out from where the meter is.